Founded in April 1986 by Joseph C. Tamer and Harl Ray Dickerson, Centennial Moisture Control has built a reputation on honesty and quality workmanship that is recognized for being the best in the industry.

Today Centennial Moisture Control now operates with offices in Florida, Texas and Washington State and, like over 20 years ago, we still believe in building relationships that last far into the future.


Centennial Moisture Control is built upon a foundation of high quality workmanship and customer satisfaction with special attention to safety and service. We employ highly-skilled installers who represent the company's core values: trust, service and quality.

Most of our key field personnel have been with us since the birth of Centennial Moisture Control and are among the best in the industry. The referrals and on-going business relationships with our clients are the cornerstone of our business. Our work speaks for itself.

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